Christy Liu
UX Design + Strategy

Graphic ━ SFU International Co-op


SFU International Co-op



The Simon Fraser University International Co-op office assists and promotes working abroad opportunities to students. Students have been placed in over 50 countries, with approximately 300 placements every year. 

As the Communications and Marketing Assistant for a year and a half (2015-2016), I was mainly in charge of helping the Program Coordinator promote the program to students. I designed banners, infographics, presentations, contests, and more. The designs follow some of the branding guidelines for SFU such as the type, logo, and colours. I even developed web pages and videos for students and staff to gain more information on the program and help with their decisions.


Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


We held information sessions every semester and I designed a few of the banners to post on our social media channels and email blasts. The banner has a simple design and beautiful photos from different countries are used as backgrounds to attract students.


Every week I sent out email blasts to over 100 students on the mailing list, highlighting job postings and upcoming events. I also redesigned the sign up process from email to a simple form. At one point, there seemed to be a low number of email list sign ups. I considered the process and found that it may be a pain point to sign up through email, so I proposed an alternative to make it easier. As a result, there was about a 150% increase in sign ups to the mailing list. 


Posters + Postcard

This poster was designed to promote International Co-op + International Exchange to students in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology program. Ideally, more contact info should be included.

This postcard presents information on the CARE SFU Global Travel Award Program. The idea came to mind since this program is international and postcards are memorable to hold and look at. 


Presentations + Infographics

The SFU Bridging International Learning (BIL) program is an online resource that prepares students for their work term. I created a presentation for the program manager to present at an international conference to help promote the program. I organized the given data and designed several info graphics to visually communicate the statistics of students that were placed. The presentation received very positive feedback as it was visual and informative. Here are a few slides:

Twitter Contest

Proposed and organized a Twitter Contest for students working abroad to help engage them and further encourage International Co-op to students. I created the banners and content for the website, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Contest Landing Page


Country Profiles Page

From speaking to students, I found that we had a lot of resources, media, and content that were too scattered and not easy to discover. One of the most important part of making the decision to go on International Co-op is the country of interest. 

To help make it easier for students to gather information on a country, I proposed a new Country Profiles page on the website with Adobe Experience Manager. I designed the layout of the pages as well as the flags and banners. To improve, I would try to figure out how to lay out the flags more appropriately without the gray background. I also monitored the traffic to the website through Google Analytics and noticed an increase of unique page views.

Country Profiles Page



Working in this position, I was provided with a lot of flexibility on the types of projects I wanted to handle. I was encouraged to make improvements to the overall experience of the website and promotional materials. All this effort helped increase the traffic to our website as well as student engagement. I also practiced handling multiple projects, from designing to marketing, ensuring that each was done on time and in good quality. The best part was connecting with students and hearing about their experience abroad as that was very inspirational.