Christy Liu
UX Design + Strategy


Crafting valuable solutions by embracing delight, empathy and simplicity.


Nice to meet you! I am a UX/UI Designer with skills in visual design, strategy and project management. I completed an Interactive Arts + Technology and Business Administration Joint Major with concentrations in both Design and Marketing at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. I have always been curious about the connection between design and business, particularly with branding, product, business and brand strategy.

As a hybrid, I began in marketing with interests in leading design thinking and shaping marketing practices. Now, my passion for design continues to grow and I am a multi-disciplined designer of meaningful products and experiences. I enjoy learning, improving and also helping people solve their problems. My marketing background, however, gives me skills in research, strategy, branding and communication. By speaking the languages of both sides, I aim to bridge the gap and craft valuable solutions that embrace delight, empathy and simplicity.

Ever since I was young, I have always loved to create. I would do a lot of graphic design, art, writing, animation and web design. At age 12, I designed and coded my own fansite. Having people engage with my content was very exciting. In my designs, I am passionate about integrating visual and interactive elements to bring out a brand, tell a story and create an engaging experience. I also love listening to people’s stories and I value diversity and inclusion, which I aim to consider more in my designs.

Aside from work, I have been heavily involved at school and within the community, having taken on several designer and leadership positions to challenge myself. During my free time, I like to doodle, eat desserts (check out my food Instagram), read books and study languages (Japanese, Italian and more). To see my past experience, view my resume.

Feel free to reach out to me! I’m open to project opportunities or just a chat (even about food).

Inspired By: The Design of Everyday Things, Inclusive Design ManualINSPIRED: How To Create Products That Customers Love, Circle Design GuideUX for the Next Billion UsersGoogle Play x IDEO: Human-Centered DesignDesign Method ToolkitGoogle SprintHolistic Journey MapsBranded InteractionsCustomer Experience MapsGlimmer by Bruce Mau